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2021 Market Stats Year in Review!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

The first dashboard contains the data for residences under .5 Acre for Marion, Linn, Benton, and Polk counties. For additional insight, we've also provided a dashboard for each county broken out individually.

The Year in Review dashboard, and five other dashboards, are part of the Market Stats Member Portal, a NEW member benefit by WVMLS.

  • Free to all licensees!

  • Includes analytics, graphs, and charts based on your LOCAL market

  • Easy to use and share!

Start generating dashboards today! Share with your clients, up your marketing game, and increase your social media engagement with market stats dashboards.

Four Counties Selected: Marion, Linn, Benton, and Polk

Polk County

Marion County

Linn County

Benton County



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