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Breaking News on Tech Scams: Watch For Top-Level Domains Like .zip and .mov

How this could affect you: Bad actors could utilize this to create url links to malware or phishing attempts.

How to spot it and avoid it:

  • Look for '@' symbols in urls such as⁄files⁄

  • Look at the slash in the url. Bad actors are using unicode fraction slashes in the url which look almost identical to a standard slash except with a slightly lower angle. A standard slash looks like this: "/" A unicode fraction slash looks like this: "⁄" Side-by-side comparisons: /⁄

Terms used in this blog post:

Unicode: A universal code that can translate numbers into symbols, numbers, or letters.

Top-Level Domain: Every website has an address just like houses do. The Top-Level Domain is the street type of the address. In this case a .com, .org, or .net.

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