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Collaboration Center - Contact Activity Widget

Viewing Collab Center activity and reacting back!

Most of you know that Collab Center is a tool that allows your Prospect to Manage their listings.

  • Collab instantly links them to their listing matches

  • Collab auto notifies on new and changed listings via email

  • Classify & reclassify properties as: Favorite, Possible, and Reject

  • Prospects can add comments, ask questions, create custom folders, and create their own saved searches

If you're asking, "How do I view and react back to my client's activity?"

The answer is the Contact Activity Widget Tool situated on Paragon's Home Screen.

Watch this informative video to learn how you can incorporate this tool into your daily workflow (Time 5:57 mins.).

If you need to learn how you can automate your searches, we offer a live virtual class, every month, on Contact Manager & Collaboration Center.



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