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Four WVMLS Rules You Can Review in a Minute

Updated: May 5, 2022

Whether you're a new member or have been with us a while, you can always use a good reminder! Test your knowledge... Do you know all of these rules?

Can I Copy Photos From Another Listing?

Copying photos from another listing is prohibited unless you have the original Listing Agent's written approval and have shared it with WVMLS.

Do I have to follow the showing instructions?

Not adhering to showing instructions will incur Listing Agent frustration and WVMLS fines.

How fast do I need to change my status in Paragon if my seller accepted an offer?

The status of a listing MUST be changed within two business days of SELLER acceptance. No Exceptions.

Can I enter my own listing into Paragon twice?

Only one valid listing can be entered by the listing agent.

If you see a duplicate listing in Paragon, it has met a certain criteria that WVMLS has approved and entered. Duplicate listings are maintained by WVMLS for the life of the listing, and there is a fee that is paid by the Listing Agent.



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