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How To Get A List Of Your Sold Listings In Paragon

Have you ever wanted to know how to easily get a list of all your sold listings? Well this guide is for you! In three easy steps you'll be able to get that list!

Step 1: Click the Search button at the top and then Inventory in the drop down menu.

Step 2: Enter Sold in the Status field and then verify Your own Listings, Yes, and Listed or Sold are selected in their respective required fields. When wanting results from the last year fill in the Closing Date's Begin and End fields with that year's start and end dates. During this step you can also further refine your search by adding more information to the other criteria fields.

Step 3: Click the Search button and you'll be taken to all your results!

It's as easy as these three steps to get a list of your sold listings in Paragon.


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