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MEMBER ALERT: Property Showing Safety

WVLMS is warning its members of a recent safety incident at a showing.

Safety Concern: A member notified WVMLS of an incident. This Member's licensee went to show a listing. After they pulled in to this secluded property alone, an individual pulled in behind them, and proceeded to bother them for at least 15 minutes with non-real estate conversation and physically blocked the licensee's escape route. The licensee got out of it by saying their client would be there momentarily. This allowed them to get in their car and flee the scene. The licensee was unharmed, but very shaken up. They do not believe the individual is the seller or had any relation to the property itself, although the individual said they’d “logged it” in previous years.

One thing to keep in mind is if Remarks state “Secluded” or “Privacy” and the property is vacant it’s even more important to use the Buddy system when going out for a showing.

Always remember to be aware of the surroundings in an unfamiliar area and plan out an escape route.


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