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WVMLS News from August 16, 2019

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

WVMLS wanted to create an area where you can look at previous posts! New things are always being added and rule changes are always happening!


WVMLS Tip of the Week

Have more than one key made for listings. Lockboxes can have a mind of their own and not always open up!

Coming Soon: Start an Offer Feature in Collab Center

The Collaboration Center within Paragon will be gaining this new feature! This feature further strengthens the relationships between Paragon users and their contacts by speeding up communication. Click HERE to see how it will work.

Prescription Meds Stolen from Listings

HELP PROTECT YOUR SELLERS by strongly encouraging them to lock up medications, and/or to store them in locations OTHER than the bathroom medicine cabinet.

Help protect our industry by carefully monitoring individuals present at showings, open houses, inspections, repairs and appraisals.

PRE Email Notification - WVMLS Member Feature Only

Did you know you could opt-in to receiving an email once a PRE-Listing is entered into Paragon? WVMLS has added new feature in which you can choose what counties you would like to receive those PRE-Listing Emails from. Click HERE to watch the video on how to do this!

Client Detail vs Full Detail - What's the difference?

When using the Client Detail Report within Paragon, it brands any listing with your agent information. Always use the Client Detail when sharing listings to the public! 

Full Detail is for broker eyes only! This is because it contains information like Private Remarks, Office Commission, Seller Terms and Showing Instructions. Full detail also keeps original listing agent information.


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