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Paragon Connect Enhancements

Version 5.91 | Release Date: 9/28/2022

Paragon Connect is a web-based application that you can use on your mobile device or tablet to access WVMLS Paragon. To learn more about this mobile-ready-Paragon, please refer to the Paragon Connect FAQs below.

Below is the list of enhancements coming to Paragon Connect on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. We encourage you to continue reading and watching the short video tutorials on the following enhancements:


Search Added to Listing Maintenance

The listing maintenance module that was just added in 5.90 includes the ability to view, filter, and manage your published listings. In 5.91, we have continued to add functionality to this module. Now you can use a search feature to locate any of your listings. This helps users quickly be able to find a specific listing. You can search using the listing’s address, MLS number, city, or zip code.

Search By:

  • Listing ID

  • Street Number

  • Street Name

  • City

  • Zip

Length: 1:55 Mins.


Organizational Messages

Your system administrator now can send you messages. The admin can send important messages to everyone, to your firm, to your office, to an agent type, or even to individual agents. You will notice a new megaphone icon on the homepage of Paragon Connect. You can click/tap on this icon at any time to read any previous messages. If you see a new count on the megaphone, it will indicate you have a new message to read.

Length: 1:00 Min.


Contact Message History

You now have access in Paragon Connect to view the message history for your contacts. The message history can be accessed by navigating to a contact profile page and clicking the Message History link. The key features contained in this release are the following:

  • Filter messages by message type and/or date range

  • Delete message(s)

  • Search for messages

  • Preview messages

Search Contact Message History

Quickly find messages by clicking on the search icon on the message history page. As you type auto-search looks for any messages where the subject contains the typed text.

Length: 0:57 Secs.

Shout out to Black Knight for the videos!


Paragon Connect FAQs


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