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Paragon Connect - New Listing Detail Report

Paragon Connect is a web-based application that you can use on your mobile device or tablet to access WVMLS Paragon. To learn more about this mobile-ready-Paragon, please refer to the Paragon Connect FAQs below.

NEW Listing Detail Report - The new high-performing detail report has replaced the old Paragon Connect detail report throughout the following areas in Paragon Connect.

Property Class Search:

  • My Location Search

  • Open House Search

  • Hotsheet Search

  • Power Search

  • Single bubble count on active buyer on the dashboard

  • Seller’s tab on dashboard

  • Comments on dashboard

  • My Info Page

  • My Listing Carts

Note: The new version of the Connect View report will not be updated in Paragon Professional until the 5.91 release.

Length: 03:32 Mins.

Shout out to Black Knight for the video!


Paragon Connect FAQs



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