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Paragon Professional Enhancements

Version: 5.87 | Release Date: 2/24/2022

The following video (Length: 4:42) outlines the updates coming to Paragon Professional. Here are just some of the highlights that are coming to Paragon Professional Wednesday, February 24, 2022.

Paragon Professional (aka Everyday Paragon):

  • User interface updates (0:05 mark)

  • Updates to the client email notifications for Collab Center (0:45 mark)

  • Enhanced listing congratulations modal (1:12 mark)

  • New editing feature on the map polygon tool (1:47 mark)

  • Paragon Parcels will now show the AVM on the map (2:33 mark)

Paragon Collaboration Center:

  • Minor update to user interface menu (3:25 mark)

  • Full-screen map search is now available (4:07 mark)

Shout out to Black Knight for the video!



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