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Paragon Professional Enhancements

Version: 5.88 | Release Date: 4/13/2022

The following video (Length: 2:22) outlines the updates coming to Paragon Professional. Here are some of the highlights coming to Paragon Professional on Wednesday, April 13, 2022.

Paragon Professional (aka Everyday Paragon):

  • Saved Search Updates - Defaults to your searches and by the most recent (0:15 mark)

  • Associated Document Email Preferences Updates -When uploading Associated Documents to a listing, the "Public" box is now checked, by default, automatically. This means any documents that are uploaded to the Paragon system under "Associated Docs" will be set to "Public" unless the broker changes it to "Private." Private documents can only be viewed or downloaded by the member. Public documents can be emailed to members' clients. (1:13 mark)

Paragon Collaboration Center:

  • Collab Center Parcel Lines Bug Fix - Now, only Black Knight parcel lines will show when doing a map search (1:43 mark)

Shout out to Black Knight for the video!


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