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PRE Notifications Using Homesnap

Get instant push notifications for PRE listings using your Free Homesnap Pro account.

If you're interested in WVMLS PRE notifications on your phone or email, use your FREE Homesnap Pro account, which allows you to create a Saved Search Alert and get notified when you have a match!

With Homesnap Pro's Saved Search Alerts, you will receive a push notification the second a property matching your saved search criteria hits the market. Your clients can do the same on their devices, too. (Minus PRE listing status and other member-only confidential information.)

Watch the short video, or follow the directions below on how to set up a Saved Search Alert (which can include PRE listings!!) and set up push notifications on your phone or sign up for email notifications.

NOTE: PRE search notifications can only be set up for yourself (broker) using Homesnap Pro.

(Video length: 30 sec)

Shout out to Homesnap for providing the video

How to set up Saved Search Alerts
  1. Within Homesnap, search by zip code or street name to narrow your home search area.

  2. Select your property filters—price, number of bedrooms, etc.

  3. Click “Save Search” at the top of the displayed map.

  4. Name your search and update your push notification preferences within the pop-up.

  5. You’ll see a green checkmark confirming your settings are saved.

  6. Enable push notifications from Homesnap on your personal device. Instructions for iOS devices can be found here. And Android devices here.

Please keep in mind agents cannot currently set up Saved Search Alerts on behalf of their clients.

Homesnap FAQs

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