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Showing Etiquette- Rules All Brokers should Know

  1. Don't Show the Property when another broker is there

  2. Show up for that showing appointment. If something comes up, let the listing agent know. No shows are unacceptable.

  3. Leave the House how you found it: Turn off any lights, Lock up all windows & doors, and leave pets alone and where you found them.

  4. Don't let Clients Split up in the Home

  5. Always follow showing instructions! Following showing instructions is required!  It is against WVMLS rules to do otherwise!

  6. Leaving a business card is GENERAL COURTESY, unless it's in the showing instructions. If it's in the showing instructions, it's required.

If Your Seller Changes Their Mind about... When offers will be reviewed: 

  • Note it in Private Remarks in Paragon

  • Send a courtesy text or email to let interested parties to let them know that changes have been made

  • Let brokers with upcoming showing appointments know


When your Paragon session is about to expire, the warning was easy to miss, possibly causing potential loss of data. Paragon has now updated that notification process. In order to enable these notifications, you will need to press allow on the following message if it pops up:


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