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Supra® Non-Member Access (NMA) - Best Practices

Do you need to grant access to someone outside of WVMLS (out-of-area broker, appraiser, inspector, contractor, and builder)? Supra eKEY® keyholders can now authorize Non-Members to access their Supra iBox BT LE lockboxes.

Recommended Best Practices for Vetting Non-Members

  1. Be transparent! Communicate to your Seller if you intend to allow Non-Members into their residence or business.

  2. Remember - Non-Member Access is only for non-Supra Keyholders.

  3. Important - Supra Keyholder is liable for the Non-Member.

  4. Ask the individual if they are an existing WVMLS member and eKEY holder.

  5. Ask the Non-Member if they have previously registered with Supra, and have the NMA eKEY app on their device.

  6. Provide access to only trusted contractors.

  7. Have the Non-Member send you a picture of their business card, then verify their license credentials using the appropriate industry-specific database(s), and call their office.


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