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Tips & Tricks: Listing Correction Button

Keeping your listing data and the WVMLS database up-to-date is crucial! It makes your life easier when searching for properties and it helps buyers and sellers find out more about your listings. But what if you come across a listing that doesn't look quite right?

When Should you Submit a Listing Correction?

  • If something isn't lining up on a property that's listed in WVMLS, that's when we need your help!

Examples of Listing Weirdness:

  • A typo or a misspelled word

  • The type and class don't match up

  • Something is out of date (For example, the status, the expected active date, acres, etc.)

  • Missing photos after two business days

  • Agent branding in public remarks or photos

There's a multitude of ways of submitting a correction, but we thought we would cover the simplest way first:

When using Paragon Professional, they provided an EASY way to submit a correction and that's by using the Correction Button.

The correction button is located on the Agent Full Detail. To use this button:

STEP 1: Click On any listing, then click "Correction" on the toolbar.

STEP 2: Please provide a detailed description of what needs to be reviewed on the listing, then click send. A message is sent to WVMLS Membership Support Services for review. All reported corrections are kept CONFIDENTIAL.


EMAIL: Send an email to

PHONE: Call WVMLS Membership Support Services at 503.399.8657

TEXT: We now offer a text service to report a correction utilizing the same voice number, 503.399.8657

Please provide a detailed description of what needs to be reviewed or corrected in the listing and the address and/or the MLS number :) All reported corrections are kept CONFIDENTIAL

THANK YOU for helping us keep your listing data accurate and up to date!



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