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Upcoming Webinars/Events The Week Of April 8th At WVMLS

eKEY Basic Essentials (Webinar) - Tuesday, April 9th @ 8AM

It’s simple to manage keyboxes and accessshowing information wirelessly. In this class, Supra provides an overview of eKEY Basic features. 

Paragon 101 (In-Person) - Tuesday, April 9th @ 10AM

Explore Paragon in this hands-on, interactive class. Learn to search 3 ways, navigate different reports, print & email listings, and much more! 

Introduction to Paragon Connect (Webinar) - Wednesday, April 10th @ 2PM

Learn about the next generation of Paragon. A fully responsive version of Paragon which is great on the go! Learn how to access this version of Paragon, search for properties, and even maintain a listing!

Paragon Searches (Webinar) - Thursday, April 11th @ 2PM

Learn the ins and outs on how to utilize the searching tools within Paragon.

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