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Upcoming Webinars/Events The Week Of February 5th At WVMLS

Paragon 101 (Webinar) - Tuesday, February 6th @ 10AM

Explore Paragon in this hands-on, interactive class. Learn to navigate different reports, print & email listings, and much more! 

Supra Managed Access - Wednesday, February 7th @ 8AM

Supra’s Non-Member Agent & Single Access key, part of the managed access service, provides convenient and secure access for individuals who require limited one-off or occasional entry to properties.

Introduction to Paragon Connect (Webinar) - Wednesday, February 7th @ 2PM

Learn about the next generation of Paragon. A fully responsive version of Paragon which is great on the go! Learn how to access this version of Paragon, search for properties, and even maintain a listing!

Contact Manager and Collaboration Center (Webinar) - Thursday, February 8th @ 2PM

The Paragon Contact Manager allows you to automate your searches! Set it up once, and let it notify your client (and you) when a match comes up...and more! Then automate your buyer searches with your own custom Collab Center website. Your clients can interact and provide you feedback with all their listing matches! 

Click Here to visit WVMLS U for additional future class registrations.


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Upcoming Webinars/Events The Week Of June 10th At WVMLS

Supra eKEY (Webinar) - Tuesday, June 11th @ 8AM An overview of eKEY Basic features. To get the most out of the presentation, please make sure you have your eKEY authorized so that you can follow along


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