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Upcoming Webinars/Events The Week Of November 6th At WVMLS

Introduction to Paragon Connect (Webinar) - Wednesday, November 8th @ 2PM

MOBILize and ACCESS Paragon on your smartphone, tablet, or even desktop! This is Paragon Professional in the palm of your hand and we're excited to help you master this powerful, on-the-go web app.

eKEY Basic Essentials (Webinar) - Thursday, November 9th @ 8:30AM

It’s simple to manage keyboxes and access showing information wirelessly. In this class, Supra provides an overview of eKEY Basic features.

Paragon 101 (Webinar) - Thursday, November 9th @ 10AM

Explore Paragon in this hands-on, interactive class. Learn to search 3 ways, navigate different reports, print & email listings, and much more!

Click Here to visit WVMLS U for additional future class registrations.

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