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Upcoming Webinars The Week Of July 3rd At WVMLS

CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite: Introduction to the Basics and Beyond! (Webinar) - Friday, July 7th @ 9:30AM

Join Nikki from CRS Data to learn the Basics and Beyond. Learn how to access CRS Data's MLS Tax Suite from your MLS, along with how to navigate within the product. Nikki will take you through Simple, Advanced and Map searching skills and the options for filtering your results. Simplifying how you find the property data you’re looking for. During this session, then will explore the Property Report, where Nikki will cover the data contained in and linked to the Property Report. Then review Maps to include how to display and leverage the layers and your options for sharing this information with clients. Finally, Nikki will touch on end user customizations and how you can leverage these.

* Course qualifies for 0 hours Continuing Education Credit under Oregon Real Estate Agency rules. *

CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite: Creating CMAs Your Way and Pro Prospecting, Be the Pro Series Part 3 & 4 (Webinar) - Friday, July 7th @ 1:00PM

Join Nikki from CRS Data to build onto your learning with Part 3 and 4 of the Be the Pro Series. Be one of the first to learn or sharpen your skills on Creating CMA’s and Prospecting. Learn how to create a Custom CMA all the way through creating a Client Report as well as take a quick peek at another option an alternative option dive into the Quick CMA tool. Both options will display sales through your MLS as well as other transfers of ownership. Using location, property characteristics and so much more. Then it’s on to Prospecting and similar filters to develop your perfect process. Finding properties and people, connect buyers and sellers and do what you do best. Prospecting, it really is just that easy. Nikki will conclude with even more end user customizations.

* Course qualifies for 0 hours Continuing Education Credit under Oregon Real Estate Agency rules. *

Click Here to visit WVMLS U for additional future class registrations.


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