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75 Years Serving Our Members!

Dear WVMLS Members,

2024 marks the 75th year Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service has been serving its members. This year, we wanted to highlight the history and stories that helped shape Your WVMLS on the 23rd of each month. This month we wanted give general information about its inception.

The Founding of Salem Multiple Listing Bureau, Inc.

On March 23rd, 1949, a group of like-minded real estate professionals came together to form a nonprofit corporation named "Salem Multiple Listing Bureau, Inc." This name was used until 1994 when the organization started using a different name to better represent its service area, Willamette Valley MLS.

One of the key purposes of this organization was "To advance the realty business activities of its members, to promote closer harmony and co-operation among members of the Salem Board of Realtors, Salem, Oregon, and to assist its members in furnishing more efficient service to the general public". This is still a core driver for WVMLS, and still today our primary aspiration is excellent service to our members.

Additional Facts

During its founding the office was located at 668 North High Street in Salem, OR. Since then, there have been a few other office locations.

The Annual Meeting to vote on the organization's governing body was held the Fourth Tuesday of February each year.

Willamette Valley MLS Logos From Past - Present

Past WVMLS Logo

Present WVMLS Logo


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