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Get instant push notifications for PRE listings using your Free Homesnap Pro account.

If you're interested in WVMLS PRE notifications on your phone or email, use your FREE Homesnap Pro account, which allows you to create a Saved Search Alert and get notified when you have a match!

With Homesnap Pro's Saved Search Alerts, you will receive a push notification the second a property matching your saved search criteria hits the market. Your clients can do the same on their devices, too. (Minus PRE listing status and other member-only confidential information.)

Watch the short video, or follow the directions below on how to set up a Saved Search Alert (which can include PRE listings!!) and set up push notifications on your phone or sign up for email notifications.

NOTE: PRE search notifications can only be set up for yourself (broker) using Homesnap Pro.

Log in to your Homesnap Pro account to get started.

(Video length: 30 sec)

Shout out to Homesnap for providing the video

How to set up Saved Search Alerts
  1. Within Homesnap, search by zip code or street name to narrow your home search area.

  2. Select your property filters—price, number of bedrooms, etc.

  3. Click “Save Search” at the top of the displayed map.

  4. Name your search and update your push notification preferences within the pop-up.

  5. You’ll see a green checkmark confirming your settings are saved.

  6. Enable push notifications from Homesnap on your personal device. Instructions for iOS devices can be found here. And Android devices here.

Please keep in mind agents cannot currently set up Saved Search Alerts on behalf of their clients.

Homesnap FAQs

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What You Need to Know to be Prepared

Read below for information and registration details.


Oregon REALTORS® Members

FREE for WVMLS and Oregon REALTORS® members with promo code WVMLS2022. For CE credit eligibility, Oregon REALTORS® are required to log in and register through ORA's member portal.

Non-Oregon REALTORS® Members

FREE for all WVMLS and Non-Oregon REALTORS® members.

  • Member is required to email WVMLS, please provide full name, WVMLS member number, and license number (click button below)

  • WVMLS will provide Non-Oregon REALTORS® Members with a Zoom registration link

  • WVMLS will process 1 Hr CE credit

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On May 18th, 2022, we put out a fun and educational Photo Literacy Quiz.

Drawing Winners

Members who completed the quiz were automatically entered to win a FREE Supra Bluetooth Lockbox worth $90. Three lucky members were selected. Congratulations to:

  • Amy Williams, with Homesmart Realty Group

  • Rebecca Overall, with Overall Real Estate

  • Greg & Judy Gysin, with Gysin Realty Group LLC

Thank you to all those that participated!!

Survey Questions & Results

1) Even PRE listings, bare land, and Sold Comps require at least one image?

Results: 97% got this one correct.

Answer: This is TRUE – because ALL listings require at least one image. Starting July 1, 2022, we won’t even be able to save a listing without one.

Note: Contact us if there’s an issue preventing you from taking a photo of a listing while in PRE-status. A temporary placeholder image may be approved. Here’s the PRE-Listing FAQ.

(From WVMLS Rule 1l) Photo/Image. i. Primary photo is required upon listing submission...)


2) The Primary (first) Image on listings MUST be an exterior view of the home?

Results: 97% got this one correct.

Answer: This is TRUE. The main reasoning behind this is that our members use the photos for subsequent research, comps and appraisals.

Note: An aerial view of the home doesn’t usually work as the primary image as the home must be identifiable from the ground.

(From WVMLS Rule 1l) Photo/Image. i. Primary photo [...] must be an exterior view.)


3) When I submit a listing photo, I’m guaranteeing WVMLS that I’m not infringing on someone else’s copyright?

Results: Nearly 99% chose correctly.

Answer: This is TRUE. As a publisher, we need to be sure the images you share with the membership convey sufficient usage permissions and won’t present legal challenges now or down the road.

(From WVMLS Rule 1l) ii. In uploading images, Member represents and warrants to WVMLS that: (a) Member holds all the necessary rights, licenses and/or clearances to provide and use; (b) that image(s) are accurate and reasonably representative; (c) that image(s) do not and will not infringe or misappropriate any third-party rights (including without limitation privacy, publicity, intellectual property and any other proprietary rights, such as copyright, trademark and patent rights) or constitute a fraudulent statement or misrepresentation or unfair business practice and that (d) Member shall be responsible for payment of any third-party fees related to the provision and use of submitted images.)


4) I can delete property photos after the listing sells, or is expired, withdrawn or terminated.

Results: 75% of the members choose correctly.

Answer: This is FALSE. The reasoning behind this is that our members use property photos for subsequent research, for comps, and for appraisals. Photos submitted to WVMLS become part of the historical record. (But do contact us if there’s a security issue with a particular listing photo.)

(From WVMLS Rule 1l vi. The removal of listing detail/images that diminishes the content quality or accuracy of the listing is strictly prohibited.)


5) Residential build jobs (new construction) require new listing photos at intervals during the listing (or at least upon Closing Date) to keep the listing data current and accurate?

Results: 80% were correct in their choice.

Answer: This is TRUE. Our members use these images for subsequent research, comps and appraisals. A “similar to” image, plat map or builder’s drawing doesn’t cut it once the build is completed.

(From WVMLS Rule 1n) Listing Data. Members shall provide to WVMLS listing data (including images and associated documents) that are current and accurate in every ascertainable detail, and Members shall avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, or concealment of pertinent facts.

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