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Get notifications on changes to a property's public record.

You can set up a Property Watch from the Parcel Property Panel of the Map Search or Google

Map view to receive email notifications when any of the following changes occur on the public record:

  • Foreclosure

  • ARM Reset

  • Ownership Change

  • Tax Delinquency

  • Valuation Change

  • New Loan

To learn more, refer to our Paragon Property Watch Start Guide.

Video length 2:06 Mins.

Using Property Watch on Paragon Connect

Video Length 2:37 Mins.

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Did you know you can text listings to your client directly out of Paragon?

It's fast and easy! We will show you how in this short video tutorial.

NOTE: To text listings, you must first add your mobile number to your User Profile in Preferences.

  1. From the top menu, click "Preferences"

  2. "User"

  3. "Mobile Account Settings"

  4. Enter Mobile # and Save

Video length 1:50 Mins.

Shout out to Black Knight for the video!

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Updated: Aug 10

I know "Wonky", but what is cache?

According to TechTarget, a cache -- pronounced CASH -- is hardware or software that is used to store something, usually data, temporarily in a computing environment.

Does Paragon use cache?

Paragon and Paragon Connect, require a web browser such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, to operate. Technically, the browser uses caching to help Paragon, and other webpages you visit, run faster and operate more efficiently.

What are the common issues seen in Paragon due to corrupted cache?

  • Login issues

  • Loading and formatting issues

  • Fields not operating correctly

  • Slow screen behavior

  • Missing information

  • Searches or reports not rendering correctly

  • Same search repeating/reloading over and over

Cool! Now that I know what cache is, how do I get rid of the "Wonky" issues?

Clear your browser's cache.

Finding the right steps to clear the cache will depend on the browser being used. Here are some resources to help:

Google Chrome clearing cache & cookies

- Google Account Help

How to clear the Firefox cache

- Mozilla Firefox Support

Delete browser history in Microsoft Edge

- Microsoft Edge Support

How to Clear Cache on Mac to Optimize its Performance - mackeeper

A final word about cache

Usually, caches are helpful, and most of the time, you shouldn’t need to touch them. Periodically clearing your browser cache will help overcome the Wonky issues.

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