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A Primer On Paragon Connect

The Essentials Of Paragon Connect

What Is Paragon Connect?

  • Paragon Connect is a web app that is accessed through your device’s browser.

  • It is not a downloadable app so it won’t be found on any app stores. Instead it acts as a responsive version of Paragon.

  • Paragon Connect allows you to do almost everything Paragon Professional allows.

  • Has a deeper integration of Collab Center allowing for better navigation and interaction with contacts.

How Do I Access Paragon Connect?

There are multiple ways to access Paragon Connect's login. Below are three ways with brief guides for each way. No matter which method the login credentials used for Paragon Connect are the same as your Paragon login information:

QR Code Method

Using your mobile device's camera app (if you have an older android you might have to download a QR code reader) point it at the QR code above. A link will pop up which when clicked will take you to the Paragon Connect login page.

Paragon Professional Resources Method

Sign into Paragon Professional and navigate to Resources found at the top. With this drop-down menu open click Paragon Connect. This will take you to Paragon Connect automatically (since you've already signed into Paragon).

Paragon Login Method

Navigate to the Paragon Login, (easily accessible via the black knight image on the frontpage of On the login page right below the password field is a link titled "Access Paragon Connect" this link will take you to the Paragon Connect login page.

Why Should I Use Paragon Connect?

  • Uses the same database as Paragon Professional.

  • Easily Create contacts on a mobile device.

  • Create & save specific searches.

  • Location Searches - Great for finding properties near you on the go.

  • No more pinching and zooming and trying to click tiny links!

  • Instantly see client feedback - for all your clients in one place!

  • Full Listing Maintenance wherever with your preferred device.

  • Add photos directly from your mobile device.

  • Text a listing easily to a client.

  • Contact message history on the go.


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