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Be Aware: Rise of AI Scams

AI continues to grow and evolve. Used appropriately, they are great tools, but like with every technological advancement, bad actors will utilize them for malicious purposes. Below are a couple of AI-related scams to be aware of:

Voice Cloning Scam using AI

Back in March, the FTC issued a Consumer Alert about the use of AI Voice Cloning. Scammers will clone the voice of the victim’s family member and ask for money. With advancements in AI’s ability to copy inflection, the cloning is not easily noticeable.

Things to watch out for:

  • The caller is asking for funds and framing it as an urgent request.

  • No background noise or poor quality audio.

  • Information provided isn’t accurate or inconsistent.

Things to do to protect yourself:

  • Verify with the family member through a different means of communication before taking any action.

Fake AI Software Tools

Many scammers are advertising apps for AI, such as ChatGPT. When clicked on it will take you to either a malicious website or to download an app which can be used for phishing on your device.

Things to watch out for:

  • Advertising for these kinds of apps which have incorrect logos or spelling errors.

Things to do to protect yourself:

  • Double check the developer’s website if you are unsure do a search.

  • Verify there is a press release or statement about the release of an official app from the developer.

  • If you want to try out an AI utility like ChatGPT, open a browser window and type in the verified address yourself instead of using a link provided by any other source.


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