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EasyCMA Now Available In Paragon Connect!

EasyCMA is a NEW feature within Paragon Connect that allows you to easily create a CMA to share with clients. There are only three steps to get started with EasyCMA:

  1. Select your Subject Property

  2. Refine Automatically Selected Comparables

  3. Share with your client

Before starting with EasyCMA, we need to access the tool:

To access EasyCMA within Paragon Professional, we will click on "CMA" in the main menu at the top. This will open a dropdown menu, and under the header 'EASYCMA,' we will click on 'Create an EasyCMA' (pictured above).

To access EasyCMA within Paragon Connect, we will click/tap the main menu located in the top left corner. This will open the main menu, and we will click/tap 'EasyCMA' (pictured above).

Once you have accessed the EasyCMA tool, you will land on the EasyCMA homepage.

Click/tap on 'Start New CMA' or the Plus button in the bottom right to start using EasyCMA. From here, we can proceed with our three steps:

Select a Subject Property

First, search for your property's address using the Subject Property Search (pictured above). Once you've found it, select it.

Verify on the map that it is the correct property (pictured above), and click/tap the 'Continue' button.

Now, we are looking at the subject Property Details. Verify the Property type as well as the other details listed before clicking/tapping 'Next' in the bottom right corner (pictured above). This action will run the Comparables Engine, which will automatically select comparables for the CMA.

Refine Automatically Selected Comparables

On the comparables screen (pictured above) we can refine the automatically selected comparables. We can Edit the order of the comparables, manually enter a comparable, generate new comparables utilizing specific filters (such as Bedroom count, Bathroom count, or Sold date). Each comparable can be removed and you can add adjustments or notes to them individually. Once we have made our refinements we will click/tap the 'Generate CMA' button in the bottom right hand corner.

Share with your client

Now that the CMA is generated, we have a few options we can customize. Here, we can add an introduction, as well as edit the suggested price and price range. Most importantly, we have several options to share this CMA. Clicking/tapping the overflow menu (3 dots stacked vertically) found in the top right corner provides the option to assign the CMA to a contact or print it. From the print option, you can either print a hard copy or save a digital copy as a PDF for record keeping or sharing.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the CMA, there is a Share button, which, when clicked/tapped, expands to show the option to Email the CMA.

And with these three steps, you have successfully created a CMA for your client.

Here's some additional information about EasyCMA:

How does EasyCMA automatically select comparables?

EasyCMA searches for properties that closely match the subject property in terms of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and other factors. It begins its search within a 0.5-mile radius of the subject property, considering homes sold within the last 3 months. EasyCMA then employs recursive logic to dynamically expand the search based on time and distance until it identifies at least 5 comparable properties.

EasyCMA is a continuously improving tool, and WVMLS will notify users when new features are released to enhance this tool.

If you have any questions or need additional help with EasyCMA call 503-399-8657 or email


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