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PSA: Changes For Homesnap And

If you are a frequent user of Homesnap, you may have noticed some intermittent issues recently. This may be caused by current and/or upcoming changes to their product offerings.

Read below for further details from

"Exciting news for Homesnap Pro users! A software upgrade is on the way, accompanied by a name change to Homes Pro. Here are the key details about this upcoming update:

  • Name Change: Homesnap Pro will now be known as Homes Pro, reflecting the evolution and improvements in the software.

  • Release Date: The month of June will be a soft release. Users can expect to start using the new version of Homes Pro in early June, bringing a fresh and enhanced experience to their real estate workflows.

  • New Application: To access the upgraded Homes Pro, users will need to download a new application from either the Apple Store or the Android Store (Google Play). Agents will be able to access Homes Pro in a browser by clicking ‘Sign In’ on and using their Homesnap Pro credentials. This new app will be the gateway to all the advanced features and functionalities.

  • Transition Period: During the transition phase, users will have the option to continue using the current Homesnap Pro application alongside the newly introduced Homes Pro app. This allows for a seamless shift between the two solutions while ensuring uninterrupted access to essential tools and features.

  • Feature Parity with Enhancements: Upon release, Homes Pro will offer feature parity with its predecessor, Homesnap Pro. However, it doesn't stop there. This upgrade will start to bring a range of enhancements and improvements, elevating the real estate experience for users.

  • Data Synchronization: All contacts, leads, and inputted data from Homesnap Pro will automatically synchronize to Homes Pro. This ensures that users' valuable information remains intact and readily available within the upgraded platform.

  • Retirement of Homesnap Pro: By the end of summer, Homesnap Pro will be retired for most MLSs.

  • Consumers who access will be redirected to Invited clients will have the option to use either or continue using until late summer.

  • All invited client information will be available in, including consumer profile information, saved searches, favorite listings, and email alerts."

NOTE: WVMLS makes no representation or warranty regarding these third-party offerings, nor does this constitute an endorsement of products or services. WVMLS receives no financial benefit from these companies and has provided this as a resource only.


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