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Sharing Your Listing On Social Media

It is important to get as much visibility on your listing as possible for your client. This simple guide will show how to share your listing to any social media platform.

Step 1: Login to Paragon and enter your listing's MLS # in the Power Search at the top (pictured below), this will then cause a drop down with the results to appear, click on your listing to go to it's full detail.

Step 2: Above the primary image in the full detail is a navigation bar. The fourth option within this navigation bar is "Share" hovering on it will open a dropdown where you can then select CollabLink Share (pictured below).

Step 3: This will then open a pop up window where you can copy the CollabLink (pictured below). Once copied you can paste this into your social media post!

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to call us @ (503) 399-8657 or email


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