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Tuesday, August 8th - In-Person CRS Data Training

CRS Data will be doing giveaways to attendees! See details below.

Introduction to the Basics, Part 1 - 10AM-11AM:

Be one of the first to learn the Basics. Seats are limited RSVP today! Join us for Part 1 of a 4 Part Be a Pro Series. Learn how to access CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite from your MLS, along with how to navigate within the product. We will take you through the MLS Tax Suite and cover Simple Searching skills and key features of the Property Report, while pointing out the many layers of information contained and linked to the report. We also will begin to introduce you to the end user customizations and how you can leverage these. What are you waiting for?

Beyond the Basics, Part 2 Let’s Talk Advanced Skills 11AM-12PM:

It’s time to talk about more than the basics, take your skills to the next level. Join us for Part 2 of a 4 Part Be the Pro Series. We will start with maps and add layers. We will also cover advanced searching skills, including new ways to search using your maps and filters. Will show how to make this your own through more end user customizations. Lunch Provided after class.

Creating CMAs Your Way, Part 3 (1 HR CE) - 1PM-2PM:

Join us for Part 3 of a 4 Part Be the Pro Series. Be one of the first to learn about Creating a CMA Your Way. Seats are limited register today. We will walk through the options to create a Custom CMA and produce a Client Report, as well as take a dive into the Quick CMA tool. Both options will display sales through your MLS as well as other transfers of ownership. Using location, property characteristics and so much more. We will wrap up this class with ways to leverage the Home Improvement Value Tool to obtain various home improvement project considerations. We will conclude with even more end user customizations.

Prospecting, Part 4 - 2PM-3PM:

Join us for Part 4 of the 4 Part Pro Series. Be the first to uncover your Prospecting Power with the MLS Tax Suite! We go beyond the basics and dig into the Prospecting tool. You will learn how to select your criteria using filters and maps and then further filter results to meet your needs and prospecting focus. Then it’s onto options for your results including creating labels, mailing lists, and, or exporting your results. Prospecting, it really is just that easy.


Instructor: Nikki Morgan

MLS Sales Executive, CRS Data

With more than 25 years in the property technology industry, Nikki Morgan has served as a passionate sales executive and versatile product expert with CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite. With a keen sense for strategic business solutions and a unique perspective across emerging industry trends, MLSs throughout the nation turn to Nikki for her deep product knowledge and personable service expertise. Today, she guides MLS executives, real estate veterans and young professionals alike as they leverage the power of property tax data to grow and nurture their business. Nikki can be reached at:

About CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite

CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite offers an innovative, industry-leading platform that makes it possible to access rich property data, mapping tools and dynamic reports. Real estate professionals across the U.S. and parts of Canada turn to the MLS Tax Suite for the product’s simplified and inspiring interface. This best-in-class product offers streamlined prospecting and comparables tools that inspire client satisfaction and help drive business growth. The MLS Tax Suite includes access to current sales information, such as FSBOs; mortgage and tax data; foreclosure data; neighborhood statistics; school zone insights; and flood conditions. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., CRS Data currently provides access to comprehensive property tax data across the U.S. and parts of Canada. Visit to learn more.

About Giveaways

Everyone who registers and attends a session is entered to win. Each session will have 1 giveaway. Giveaway is valued at $100. Drawings will happen at end of session during Q&A time. At the end of all 4 sessions there will be one grand prize drawing each session attended is 1 entry into the grand prize drawing. You do not need to be present for the grand prize drawing.


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