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Upcoming Webinars/Events The Week Of March 18th At WVMLS

Listing Entry 101 (Webinar) - Tuesday, March 19th @ 2PM

​In this course we will go over how to enter a listing into WVMLS.

Supra Managed Access (Webinar) - Tuesday, March 20th @ 8AM

Learn how to utilize Managed Access to get an NMA or Single Access Key.

WVMLS Q1 2024 Member Forum (Meeting) - Thursday, March 21st @ 2PM

WVMLS will be conducting the Q1 Member Forum virtually via Zoom Meeting.

We'll be reviewing: 

- What have we done for you lately 

- Recent Commission and Form changes 

- Round Table - Attendees bring their questions/concerns

WVMLS 75th Anniversary Party (In-Person) - Friday, March 22nd @ 12PM-5PM

Join us as we celebrate 75 years of WVMLS at the WVMLS Office!

Click Here to visit WVMLS U for additional future class registrations.


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