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Field Change Highlight: Home Style

Recently WVMLS underwent some improvements and additions to the listing fields. One of those fields affected was Home Style found within the Residential Class. Below are some key things to know about this change:

What you should know about Home Style when creating a listing:

Home Style is no longer found under the General section (pictured below)

It is now located within Features and allows for multiple options to be chosen (pictured below)

What you should know about Home Style when searching for listings:

Since Home Style switched from General to Features it means the location of the field in search criteria has changed too.

Before the change Home Style was in the Primary Criteria container (pictured below).

After the change Home Style is found in the Secondary Criteria container under Features.

What you should know about Home Style when viewing results on a spreadsheet:

If you previously had Home Style setup as a field on your spreadsheet view you'll need to customize the spreadsheet to see it once again.

To find and add Home Style to your spreadsheet make sure you are on your spreadsheet view and click Customize and Fields (pictured below)

A window will pop up called _Spreadsheet Field Prefs. Click the drop down menu titled "Group:" and then select "Feature Categories". (pictured below).This will change the options in the Available table on the left side of the window.

In the Search, type "Home Style", check the box for Home Style, and click the Add button (pictured below).

Finally, click Save and it will take you back to your spreadsheet view with the Home Style field now included.

If you have any additional questions about the Home Style field please give us a call at 503-399-8657 or email us at



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