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Field Highlight: Extended External Public Remarks

This field extends the syndicated remarks by 2,000 characters.

When maintaining a listing, this field is found directly below the Public Remarks field (pictured below):

How does it work?

The Public Remarks, combined with this field, create what are known as Syndicated Remarks.


Public Remarks: This property is classic and timeless!

Extended External Public Remarks: Additionally, it has an amazing, spacious backyard. Call Joe Broker, 503-999-9999 today!

Syndicated Remarks: This property is classic and timeless! Additionally, it has an amazing, spacious backyard. Call Joe Broker, 503-999-9999 today!

Where are these remarks visible?

The Extended External Public Remarks are visible on syndicated sites and can only be viewed with the Syndicated Remarks view in Paragon. They are not visible on the Full Detail report or Client Detail report.

Can I just use the Extended External Public Remarks?

No. You will first utilize the Public Remarks field, and then, if additional characters are needed, use the new Extended External Public Remarks as an extension, not a substitution.

How do I view my Extended External Public Remarks?

After you have added your Extended External Public Remarks, to see how the Syndicated Remarks appear, utilize the new Report View called "Syndicated Remarks."

Ex. Filled in Public Remarks with Extended External Public Remarks

To access this Report View, open the Reports dropdown located in the top right area when looking at any report view for your listing (pictured below).

Navigate down this dropdown to find a category called "Details," click to expand the options. In these expanded options, select the Report View titled "Syndicated Remarks" (pictured below).

Clicking on the "Syndicated Remarks" will open the Report View, which will show how the Public Remarks and Extended External Public Remarks look combined (pictured below).

Notes: Non-branding rule (Rule 1k) against Personal/Company Self-Promotion) still applies to Public Remarks.

Public Disclosures, such as "Broker related to Seller" must still be placed in the regular Public Remarks field to populate Client Detail and other reports

Follow Fair Housing rules as normal: Describe the PROPERTY not the people who should live there.


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