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There is a Raccoon on My Leg

Updated: May 4, 2022

A Journey to Discover the 30 Rules of Real Estate

Longtime WVMLS Member, Past President, expert Principal Broker, and Investor, John Baker, shares the invaluable experience of a lifetime in his new book There Is a Racoon on My Leg.

FREE for all WVMLS Members! Download your e-copy today!

"This book fulfills an unmet answer to a question I had as a brand new real estate agent walking into my office on Monday, June 6, 1977: “What do I do now?” My hope is that this book will help others be successful by offering some simple rules to adopt as a standard of practice in their own careers." - John Baker

(If you run into any issues downloading, right-click on the link and open in new tab ;)

Who is this Book for?

  • A new agent or someone considering real estate as their profession – There is always room in the marketplace for a good agent. Set your initial course with good habits and a proper attitude.

  • An experienced agent – Consider adopting some of the ideas mentioned to improve your standard of practice.

  • A Principal Broker – The “30 Rules of Real Estate” in Chapter 15 can be a training aid and measure the non-technology proficiency of your agents.

  • The Public – Learn the level of service you deserve, utilize any of the rules that apply in your profession, and set a course to invest in real estate.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Interview to Get a Clear View

Chapter 2 Walk-Through Treasure Hunt

Chapter 3 Elect to Pre-Inspect

Chapter 4 Learn Lenderspeak

Chapter 5 No Phone Booth for Superman

Chapter 6 Do Not Bury Landmines

Chapter 7 Preview on Purpose

Chapter 8 Show But Not Sell

Chapter 9 When We Love to Love

Chapter 10 Never Stop Learning

Chapter 11 Invest to Be the Best

Chapter 12 Bank Future Business

Chapter 13 Clients Before Commission

Chapter 14 Giving With Gratitude

Chapter 15 The 30 Rules of Real Estate

Chapter 16 Conclusion



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