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NEW! Collaboration Center - Client Password Requirement Removed

YOU ASKED FOR: Entry to Collaboration Center to be more convenient for clients.

WE HEARD YOU: To accommodate your client's requests, we have turned off the client login requirement in Collaboration Center, eliminating the hassle of creating and remembering another password. Turning off the login requirement removes:

  • the create and reset password information from the client email notifications

  • hides the “Create an account” page on Collaboration Center

  • hides the Login page

  • and hides the Logout button


STEP 1: Your client will need to access their Collaboration Center site from the links in the client email notifications or welcome email.

STEP 2: The client is immediately taken to their Collaboration Center dashboard where they can begin reviewing their matches.


  1. This does NOT make the Collaboration Center a public site. Links to the Collaboration Center in the client emails contain a unique ID that will automatically log the user into their personal Collaboration Center site. Without that unique ID, they will not be able to access the site.

  2. Attempting to access the site from a bookmark will return a “session ended” message instructing the user to use the emailed links or contact you.


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