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How To Search For Tours And Open Houses In Paragon

Finding upcoming Tours and Open Houses is as easy as these three steps:

A Tour, also known as a Broker Tour, is a scheduled event which looks at multiple listings in person and is generally open to brokers only.

An Open House is a scheduled event for a singular listing and is generally open to the public.

Step 1: While in Paragon click the Search button located at the top. This will open a navigation menu. You'll then click Tour and Open House under the Specialty Search column. This will open a search tab.

Step 2: Within this search tab you will input the criteria of your search. Here is a list of explanations for some of the available fields:

Date Range: You can input a begin and end date or set the criteria to look a number of days forward.

Tour/Open House Status: This field allows you to enters to look for Tours (T) or Open Houses (O).

Tour/Open House - Live Stream: This field allows you to choose to include Live Streams in your criteria.

Step 3: After entering your criteria clicking the Search button will take you to your results.

Congratulations! Now you know how to search for Open Houses and Tours in Paragon.

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