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Tips & Tricks: Paragon Tax Autofill

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Have you ever wondered why the tax link shows up on some listings and not others?

How does it get into Paragon’s Action Icons tray?

Is it showing up on YOUR listings?



Tax Link Icon
  • Makes it easier for Brokers to find Tax Data

  • Ensures Tax ID accuracy

  • Data-rich listings get more hits and retain eyeballs longer

  • Future Tax Autofill upgrades will automatically import data

This often-overlooked step is best done AS you enter the listing, (but can be added later) and is only required for listings in Marion, Polk, Linn and Benton. Fortunately, Paragon makes integrating the Tax Data easy and painless. Follow the steps outlined below to add the Tax Data.

NOTE: Intended for members with Listing Maintenance and data entry privileges

STEP 1: When creating a new listing (or editing an existing one) hover your cursor over Tax Autofill.

STEP 2: Select applicable county.

STEP 3: In Tax Acct field enter one of the following and then click Search.

  • Property address, or

  • Tax Acct number, or

  • Owner name

STEP 4: From Spreadsheet select the correct address.

STEP 5: Click Autofill.

STEP 6: IMPORTANT - Deselect Include Address, then click Save.

STEP 7: Included Tax Data (Acres, State, Tax #, Yr Blt) will autofill into your listing fields. Compare Data against your Listing Agreement and correct any inaccuracies. Continue filling out your new listing using “Sentence / Down Style” casing. Remember to SAVE.

CONGRATULATIONS! The “T” for tax will now show as an Action Item in Paragon!



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