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Supra® Non-Member Access (NMA)

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Supra® Non-Member Access (NMA)

Do you need to grant access to someone outside of WVMLS (out-of-area broker, appraiser, inspector, contractor, and builder)? Supra eKEY® keyholders can now authorize Non-Members to access their Supra iBox BT LE lockboxes.

  • You can only grant access to Bluetooth® lockboxes in your inventory

  • Non-members can access a lockbox from 2 to 72 hours, as set by the keyholder

  • Non-members must fill out a registration form and download an eKEY® app for their mobile device (requires Android™ OS 5 or greater or Apple® iOS 10 or greater)

Follow these three easy steps to begin generating NMA Codes from your eKEY® app and SupraWEB:

STEP 1: Enable NMA Feature

Instructions for WVMLS Keyholders to enable non-member access to a Bluetooth® iBox BT LE. We will guide you through the process of initially “enabling” the Non-Member Access feature. IMPORTANT: The setup procedure requires a desktop or laptop computer browser.

STEP 2: Generate NMA Code

Instructions for using your eKEY® app to send a non-member an NMA Code.

STEP 3: Non-Member Set Up

Instructions for Non-Members to access a Bluetooth® iBox lockbox. A WVMLS Keyholder can invite access to their Bluetooth iBox lockbox using the NEW Non-Member Access feature in the Supra eKEY® app. When the non-member setup process is complete, the non-member can access the lockbox using the eKEY® app on their device.

Take a few minutes and read our blog on the Best Practices for Vetting Non-Members.



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